…serve one another through love— Galatians 5:13

The focus of the cathedral staff is in service to you, our parishioners.

Adam Brakel
Music Director
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Bruce Croteau
Liturgy Director
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Dianna Coffman
Ministry to the Sick/Home-bound
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Gayle Decker
Finance Coordinator
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O’Neal Davidson
Data / IT
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Valeria Fong-Kaufmann
Baptism Coordinator
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Liz Foster
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Emily Hernandez
Youth Ministry Coordinator
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Elizabeth Jennings
Assoc. Music Director
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Renee Jones
Religious Education Director
Adult Faith Formation/RCIA
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Larry Lambright
Maintenance / Facilities
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Yordany Martinez
Maintenance Associate




Janice Nunez
Stewardship and Ministry Coordinator
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Lorna Placa
Reception Desk
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Michael Mokris
Ministry Assistant
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