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Calling all St. James men 18 and over!  8 years ago, St. James Cathedral brought an incredible faith formation program to the parish just for you – That Man Is You!  Why?

Because we need strong men in our parish who desire a closer relationship with Jesus, who know Him, who can defend their Catholic faith and who want stronger relationships in their lives as husbands, fathers, sons, brothers and friends.

This year we start up on Friday, September 14 with a 6:30am hot breakfast in the social hall.  We proceed with an insightful DVD presentation followed by a lively small group discussion.  Done by 8 am in time for you to get to work.  The program is FREE.  We only ask for your time and open-mind to finally understand your Catholic faith as a man.

The content comes to you via Paradisus Dei’s That Man Is You! program started by Steve Bollman, a former oil trader in Houston, TX, and is highly endorsed by many Cardinals, Bishops and Priests across the country.  This year’s program takes a new turn by bringing in many nationally renown speakers in addition to Steve Bollman and his TMIY! core team.  Speakers include:  Dr. Chris Baglow, Fr. Dave Pivonka TOR, Jason Evert, Dr. John Cavadini, John Pridmore, John Sablan and Deacon Richard Grant.  Mark Hartfiel, Core Team Leader for TMIY National, is slated to host the series.

Check out the compelling program trailer HERE.

Please prayerfully consider accepting this personal invitation from Christ directly to YOU.   Looking forward to see you make a brand new start bright and early on Friday, September 14…and bring a friend.

Thank you & God bless,

The TMIY Core Team


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You can learn more about That Man is You from this short video: