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by Nancy Moist

BRING YOUR CANS THIS SUNDAY!   Help St. James FINALLY win the annual Souper Bowl! St. James is competing with St. John Vianney and Holy Family to see who can collect the most cans of soup to help tackle hunger. Our SOAR will be collecting your canned goods this weekend Sunday, February 5, Super Bowl Sunday. […]

Bus Drivers Needed

by Nancy Moist

Each weekend volunteers transport our Seniors from the many downtown high rises to Mass. We are currently in need of a few volunteers to help us keep this ministry going. We will provide you with the necessary instruction and CDL licensing, we just need your time and your willing heart. For more information, call the […]

Lenny was living proof, all it takes is one

by Nancy Moist

LENNY WAS LIVING PROOF, ALL IT TAKES IS ONE Some of you may know that Lenny B. Robinson became a household name in 2012 when he was pulled over by the Maryland State Police. The plate on his Lamborghini simply read “Batman” with no Maryland license tag, and when he parked on the shoulder  the […]