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Begin your New Year by joining your fellow parishioners in a life-changing, 10-week course beginning Tuesday January 31st.

This program provides an introduction to the financial education that most of us never received.  No matter what your age or marital status, YOU WILL FIND VALUE IN THIS COURSE!

On average, class members are:

Reducing personal debt
Increasing savings
Growing closer to God
Strengthening marriages
Praying more often
Giving more of their Time, Talent and Treasure

The cost for all materials is $35 per person or $45 for couples.

There are two easy ways to register for this class:
1. Live and In-Person after all Masses on Sunday, January 22.
2. Print and complete the REGISTRATION FORM and return it to the Cathedral office.

Space will is limited and childcare will be offered. This is a great gift to give a newly engaged couple or to the young adults in your life.

Many people separate their financial and spiritual lives. Yet how we handle money has a direct impact on our relationship with God. (Luke 16:11)