FR JohnAs you can imagine, we are all very devastated by the news of Fr. John’s failing health.  The staff is getting showered with requests for visits and offers of food and anything he would need. He is so appreciative of the outpouring of love.  At this time however, he is most in need of rest and prayers.  He is very well cared for and is doing everything he is able to fulfill his ministry.  We do need to ask EVERYONE to please respect his privacy and dignity at this time. The nature of his illness restricts him from being in frequent contact with people, especially anyone who may be ill as his immunity system is struggling.  The rectory is the personal space for our priests and it is not appropriate to stop by unannounced.  If you feel that praying for Fr. John is not enough, make a meal for a needy family in his honor.  Live your everyday life with the many lessons he has taught us.  Send him a card or letter that he can read when he is able.  Texting and calling require immediate attention, and can be draining to him. This is a difficult time for everyone, but please try and keep in mind what is best for our Fr. John and respect his wishes.  Feel free to send any mail to the Cathedral; it will be delivered daily to Father.  Thank you.