I have been told all my life that our Heavenly Father will always provide for His children. Besides, the Our Father reminds us that for sure we will receive our daily bread. So how and why do children not eat breakfast at home, get backpacks filled with food on weekends or why does ANYONE go to bed hungry in our United States?  Has God forgotten His people or His promise?  The answer, I believe, is more simple than the question. I must look myself in the mirror. This morning I read online from BBC Europe, that in the town of Sete in the wine producing area of France, some members of a protest group smashed open a vat of wine, pouring thousands of liters of red wine into the street and almost flooding an underground parking garage. They are upset that cheaper wines are now available throughout the European Union.  This is not a new phenomenon in the European Union.  Farmers have in the past blocked highways with hundreds of pigs, sheep and cattle or poured milk onto the streets.  In our hemisphere, we have seen coffee beans and bananas suffer the same fate dumped into the ocean. Food is often used, quite sadly, as a financial tool to maintain market prices. We have also seen food being used as a weapon of war from Syria to Turkey, Biafra to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where one military group will block necessary food or medicines from the other side. There are vast areas of land left undeveloped in lieu of price control and production.  For those of us who drive our cars, try finding a reasonable explanation as to the fluctuation of gas prices! People stand on street corners, approach parishioners or cathedral staff looking for cash to get something to eat, yet our parish participates with other downtown churches providing two hot meals on a daily basis six days a week at Daily Bread.  There is some glamour to being a story on the six o’clock news or BBC Europe, but there is more honesty and truth by checking human behavior by a glance in the mirror. How many of us have more than once listened to the old adage from grandma, “waste not, want not!”

God Bless,  Fr. John