When George Steinbrenner was alive, the Yankees could spend money as they pleased. Big players, big contracts, big money! On Friday, August 12, A-Rod probably played his last major league game with New York. ESPN says he asked to play third base one last time as he finishes at home, but manager Joe Gerardi said no. The office upstairs probably said no. Me?  He has been a spoiled rich man all these years, why not one more day? Ricky Gervais, who I think is a comedian, is quoted as saying that fame and infamy are the same. Tom Verducci, in an article, quotes from Ludwig Tieck: “He is not dead who departs from life with a high and noble fame; but, he is dead, even while living, whose brow is branded with infamy.” I have never been a consultant of anything. Consultants are, I believe, people who fly first class, stay at the Trump tower, smoke cigars and attend a board meeting once a year. This is probably not right so, there you are. Well, A-Rod is going to earn his $20M+ as a consultant, mentor or some made up job in the organization. He sued Major League Baseball and the Yankees, was kicked out for a year on suspension for illegal substance use and now he is a mentor to the younger players! Really? Pope Francis has got to be thrilled. What better poster child for the Year of Mercy? Now I know that Our Lord was serious about carrying the lost sheep on his shoulders! For those of you enjoying the gymnastics and swimming at the Olympics and the amazing feat that the human body can achieve and endure, remind yourself of the admonition of Saint Paul: This is what a person can do for a perishable prize, we should all feel challenged to at least do likewise for what is eternal. So after another slice of pizza and the three hours of Olympic coverage on the sofa, remind yourself that Heaven is the goal and I must save my soul. As to A-Rod, leave the guy alone and let him enjoy the beaches and the clubs of Miami. God, after all in this Year of Mercy, may have made his choice.

God bless, Father  John