Last week in the town of Huesca in Spain, a shepherd was moving his flock to greener pastures for the summer. At some point, he took a brief siesta that was prolonged to several hours. In any event, when he woke up the sheep had taken it upon themselves to wander into the center of town. You can imagine the traffic mess. The police and municipal authorities were at a total loss on how to resolve the traffic nightmare. Eventually, they were able to find the shepherd, and he managed to move all thirteen hundred sheep back to their pasture. Sometimes in life, even when we fall asleep on the job, we are still called to resolve matters and move forward. Whatever our calling in life may be, we still must listen to the voice of the Master, and, as He reminded the disciples in the Agony in the Garden, stay awake. I must be alert to what is happening in the world around me.

A committee from the United Nations recently admonished the Republic of Ireland for its current abortion ban that was categorized as “cruel, inhumane or degrading for women”. In its critique, no mention is made if cruel, inhumane and degrading would also apply to the child. California recently gave people legal powers to end their own lives. Someone once reminded me that we do not choose when to be born or to die. This was the choice of the Creator. Now, it seems the creature has taken it upon himself to usurp the power to make these decisions. We are not ships without a rudder, nor should we fall asleep at the wheel. My mom would every so often remind me that I have a tongue in my head. It should not matter whether people listen to me or not, I have been entrusted with the message of Salvation. I should not be silent, nor should sleep or distraction overtake me.

God Bless,
Fr. John