The Holy Father, in a recent chat with young people in this jubilee year of mercy, told them that happiness in this life and the next is not just another app. It is a useful reminder for many of us who may have grown accustomed to pressing our finger on our smart phones or laptops and things seem to happen. Here at St. James Cathedral Parish there is a sizeable number of elderly parishioners who enjoy the benefit of attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on weekends, because the church bus makes the rounds of some of our downtown high rise apartment complexes. This, of course, takes place not because we have acquired one of those machines that drive themselves, but because men and women in our parish have made this possible by their commitment. Naturally, with the passing of time, some of them become elderly themselves and are no longer able to provide this service. We are in constant urgent need of parishioners who will offer their time and talent so that this Eucharistic offering can continue. Like the Holy Father reminds us, it is not simply another app. It requires a particular driver’s license but most especially an investment of time. Think simply in terms of pick up, attend Mass and drop off and in real time week after week. As a parish that wishes to think of itself as caring for those who have labored in the Lord’s vineyard even unto the dusk of their days, we have a debt of gratitude to those who in the past and now have made this commitment. The invitation is open to anyone who feels the calling is there, and they have the God given ability and time to respond. It is not another app, but it could be you.

God bless,
Fr. John