The joke is that it is difficult to find a guilty person in prison. We all seem to have an explanation for our missteps and quite often it is just not my fault.  The alibi varies from the way I was raised. to the supervisor at work. or the priest in the confessional.  “The lap top made me do it.” The Easter season has almost reached its conclusion. Where do I find myself as we near Ascension and Pentecost and must assume responsibility for the spreading of the Gospel? It is true that there are many things happening in the world around me that are contrary to my faith based beliefs. I am reminded of something that Cardinal John Henry Newman wrote : “I thank God that I live in a day when the enemy is outside the Church, and I know where he is and what he is up to. But, I foresee a day when the enemy will be both inside and outside the Church… And I pray now for the faithful who will be caught in the crossfire.” This can be a reference to shepherds who have misled the flock, but also to myself, if simply I am not as good as I should be.  Even St. Paul would admit, “I know what is right, but I do what is wrong.” Sometimes, it is just me.

This past Saturday, April 23, early in the evening, we were treated to some wonderful German food by Willow Tree Cafe and our own Dan Witucki and his group provided us with some great and enjoyable German music entertainment. While we should be concerned about what is not right in our lives, see the good that is around us. We celebrate investiture, a life of commitment to service at the altar of countless generations of young men and women, several of whom are off to another facet of their lives. On the other hand, it would be a welcome achievement if we could put the Catholic Appeal to bed as it were. At this juncture, we are $7,330.73 short of our goal with a participation of 26.5% of registered households. Out there somewhere, I pray souls will say, “Sometimes, it is just me”.


God Bless,  Fr. John

Fr. John welcomes a newly Baptized child