We have all heard and read many times the admonition of St. Paul that because Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, we must now seek the things that are from above. Each of us knows from firsthand experience that this is easier said than done. We pack our places of worship one day and return the following day to find the off-ramp to I-4 closed due to ongoing construction. Real life, with it’s many challenges, continues on its merry run. This past Easter Sunday in Orange, Connecticut, the PEZ company organized an Easter egg hunt for local children. There were three different fields, with candy placed in all three, and the plan was to begin with the youngest children and then follow with 2 more age groups. But before the official start, parents stormed the fields grabbing the eggs. Eventually, even though they handed out tons of candy to crying and upset children, the egg hunt was cancelled. Greedy adults obliterating the happiness of kids over chocolate! I have no idea if any of them participated in Masses celebrating that Christ had risen from the dead but, if so, for sure they still have not figured out why. On this Divine Mercy Sunday, the question is not if God is merciful, but do I care or do I believe? In the story of the Father and his prodigal son, clearly the older brother knows the compassion of His father towards his younger indolent brother, but rather than celebrating, he is bothered by it. I believe that even among those of us who believe that we are the object of God’s mercy, we often have a hard time forgiving ourselves for past transgressions and behavior. Our Lord has Risen, and it is the task of His Church ( you and I) to live out His message. Today that message is MERCY.

God Bless, Fr. John