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by Christine Young

Some weeks back Pope Francis, in a talk to visiting pilgrims, said that we should look people in the eye when we are helping them. This may not always be possible in our world where there is so much suffering and hardship. But the Holy Father certainly pays attention to his own advice as witnessed […]

Sometimes it is more than a Holy card

by Christine Young

We often hear that each of us is unique in the eyes of God or that when He creates us He breaks the mold. Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta repeatedly would explain her care of the sick and dying by saying that in their final hours those for whom the street was their home, would […]

When it is Not about Me

by Christine Young

Over the years, I have been left with the impression that all our Catholics do want to go to Heaven, even though they are not entirely convinced that holiness is required to achieve that goal. Most simply want to do enough to get in. This past Sunday was, of course, Divine Mercy Sunday, now widely […]

The torch has been passed

by Christine Young

We have all heard and read many times the admonition of St. Paul that because Jesus Christ is risen from the dead, we must now seek the things that are from above. Each of us knows from firsthand experience that this is easier said than done. We pack our places of worship one day and […]