By Easter Sunday most priests will have spent hours in the confessional.  Here at the Cathedral, as you know the Sacrament of Reconciliation is available seven days a week with additional extra hours during Lent and Holy Week.  I wonder if anyone ever asks themselves if there is a surplus of mercy or if there is that much sin out there?  Does anyone think that perhaps we are going too soft?  After all, sometimes even those who confess their sins are irritated with themselves because they are the same weaknesses over and over.  Have we not all. in reference to someone else with whom we have habitual contact said something like, “ it is about time that this fella learned a lesson?”  Has the Church or some of it’s priests gone soft over time or has mortal sin lost it’s bite?  Even Pope Francis in his book recalls the stories of priests he knew when he was archbishop of Buenos Aires that some would reflect before the Lord if they were becoming too easy with forgiveness?  One of them said to the Lord on a Sunday afternoon when all the Masses were over:  “I am sorry Lord if I have been too easy with some of the serious sins and forgive me, but you started it.”  Because our Holy Father has proclaimed a year of Divine Mercy, the following story that Ray sent me caught my eye.  A homeowner who had bought a new fridge placed the old one in the front yard with a sign that said: “Free, take it if you wish.” For days nothing happened, so he changed the sign to, read $50 and it’s yours for the taking.  The following day someone stole it.  Mercy, mercy, there is never enough!


God Bless,

Fr. John