1. What is a successful Lent? It is when you look back on the 40 days and the memories make you smile.
  2. Stations of the Cross every Friday of Lent in the Cathedral at 11:30 AM.
  3. Christ-like behavior, prayer and fasting, 40 days for Life, stand vigil outside an abortion clinic.
  4. Join our students at St. James and Bishop Moore in lending a hand to a wounded or retired veteran. Stay tuned to Project Independence.

A reflection on priests from Father Patrick O’Doherty, Queen of Peace in Ocala:

We shouldn’t judge our priests. You ask an awful lot of questions about priests and a good many of them are irrelevant. Why don’t they get married or do this or that thing? Well, that is the humanness of them. But in them is Christ, always Christ! Priests can bind him, for they are human beings just as we are. But there is one thing in the priest which is different from anyone else’s soul:  Christ will unbind himself in them if anyone else needs him.  We have to remember that the twelve apostles weren’t perfect men.  One left.  One denied him for a while.  One stood around for the crucifixion, but the rest turned their backs and kept running away from Golgotha as fast as their legs would carry them.  They were pretty ordinary guys.  Often we judge priests by human appraisal (their winning smile, their great knowledge, their savvy about one thing or another).  All this is a lot of bologna, if I may say so!  We should not judge a priest on his good looks, his education and so forth. We should look at him and say to ourselves, “Thanks be to God he is here because he is one of the greatest signs of God’s love for us.” Why do you want to criticize priests?  Why should we criticize anyone?  Judge not and you shall not be judged.

God Bless,
Fr. John