god's mercyAs most of you are aware, the year of Mercy proclaimed by our Holy Father begins with the feast of the Immaculate Conception this coming Tuesday, December 8. It seems to me that the major event that will transpire during this year is that each of us genuinely believes that Almighty God is always merciful to us. It is essential that it is not something that is happening to someone else.  So, while there will be particular events in our Parish that highlight the mercy of God in our lives, the main effort will be the personal spiritual awakening in each of us.  The compassion of our Heavenly Father is not simply another item that Amazon can ship to our household as to many other homes who place similar orders.  Common celebrations will include a Taize service, our Parish Mission and Divine Mercy Sunday. There will also be the simple moments of personal spiritual growth that to some might pass unnoticed, such as Confession available Monday-Friday at 11:30 AM, Eucharistic Adoration from 7.30 AM to Noon on all weekdays or the various ministries of the parish that allow us to extend a hand of mercy to another person in need. FORMED is at this time available online, and, as I write, some parishioners are already engaged in this material that allows us to deepen our knowledge of our own faith. Honoring the Mother of God in her conception and birth free from sin is a reminder to all of us that God, in His mercy and wisdom, offered a plan of Salvation that included his only begotten Son who would die and rise from the dead, for that is how He spells MERCY.

God Bless,
Father John