Some of you may know that Lenny B. Robinson became a household name in 2012 when he was pulled over by the Maryland State Police. The plate on his Lamborghini simply read “Batman” with no Maryland license tag, and when he parked on the shoulder  the trooper realized that Lenny was also wearing a Batman outfit.  It turns out that in 2007 Lenny began visiting sick children full-time after he sold his industrial cleaning business that he had started in high school.  Cleaning was his business, but cheering up sick children was his calling, he would often say.  After the traffic stop he became known as the route 29 Batman.  Besides his custom Batmobile and Caped Crusader suit, during his visits across the state of Maryland and Virginia and DC hospitals, he distributed coloring books, sunglasses and other superhero items that caught the attention of the children.  Dr. Joseph M. Wiley of Baltimore Sinai Hospital observed, “Some of these kids recognize that this is not Batman. But, in their head it is, and this is a great thing for them.”  His reasoning, or if you will, his motivation?  “ It’s rewarding in a completely different way, just making that child smile.  If I only touch one kid out of all of this, then I know I’ve done something really successful.”  A few weeks ago the Batmobile broke down on I-70 and was struck from behind by a Toyota Camry, and Batman was pronounced dead at the scene.  Lenny Robinson at the age of 51 has taught us all the simple lesson, with my life have I made a difference? Rest In Peace, route 29 Batman. Our world is a better place.

God Bless,
Fr. John